Cadets & Juniors

Cadets & Juniors - 2022/2023


12th August - County Novice Cadet Events

At the County AGM there was a discussion on how to develop young players in Sussex other than within Club and County Coaching environments. A proposal was presented for the running of a number of "Novice" Tournament closed to Sussex and in bands. It was the view that this would require less resource than the previously suggested County U11/U13 Competition and would enable Cadets to play others with similar ability. The suggestion made that a definition of a "Beginner" or "Novice" being to ability to hold rallies, awareness of the rules and can serve. Please see a copy of the paper presented "Developing Young Players in Sussex" and it was recognised that they would be of minimal charge with entry fees enabling break-even. The dates provisionally agreed were the 8th October (Triangle Leisure Centre) 19th November (South West Sussex), 21st January (Hastings) and 18th February (Triangle Leisure Centre). At the moment of writing it is possible that the 8th October may change to the 15th October.

12th August - Horsham Spinners Cadet/Junior 1Star Event 9th July - Results

The last Horsham Spinners Cadet/Junior 1 Star event of the 2021/2022 Season organised by Brett Holt (on behalf of Rory Scott), took place at the Six Villages Sports Hall on the 9th July. The age categories were U12, U13, U14, U15, U18, and U19. All the results from the event can be found on the following link.

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