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Information will be available soon in respect of list of licensed Coaches and qualified Umpires within Sussex County.


22nd May 2022 - Bryant and Gertsen Training Days

Further Training Days are announced for the 26th to 28th August in Plymouth - please find details. Also please see information on "Better Play - Quick Analysis" initiative underway by Craig Bryant.

10th April, 2022 - UK Coaching News (all Sports)

The April UK Coaching News this month includes Safeguarding Courses as well as many other different types of courses, some free. There is a consultation on "Duty of Care" and the chance to earn a Digital Badge with an eLearning Course. There is much more from a huge range of resources and information about a tool called "Coach Learning Framework" which if you are a subscriber gives one access to a huge and unlimited range of practical tips, opinions, guides, etc.

13th March, 2022 - Coaching - Courses and News

For those interested in attending a Level 2 Coaching Course in the east of the County, then the following are taking place at the Hollington TTC on the 9th and 10th July and 3rd September initiated by the Hollington and Bexhill clubs. Details on these and all other Coaching Courses can be found on the TTE site: . On the subject of Coaching the latest UK Coaching News has a focus on news on the Coaching for Women, Children and Young People, a Survey and the Coaching Toolkit and Resources that can be obtained.

9th February, 2022 - Worthing TT Club - Funding

Worthing TTC has been shortlisted to receive a grant from Asda Foundation as part of the Asda Green Token scheme! To help the club please go to the following link: - select FERRING store and vote for Worthing Table Tennis Club.

9th February, 2022 - UK Coaching News (all Sports)

The February UK Coaching News this month includes offers of a third off a Mental Health Course, a spotlight on understanding Lifestyle, Health and Well-Being and Resources on how you can grow your skills.

7th January 2022 - UK Coaching News (all Sports)

The January UK Coaching News this month talks about the Coaching Framework and there is a video summary on the 9 Themes that have been put together by experts and there are guides for each one from understanding one's self to sport psychology. There is also news of a new toolkit for inclusive facilities and in particular supporting people with visual impairment and funding opportunities that are available up to March 2022. On Friday 14th January (Noon to 1 pm) there is a Webinar on Talent Identification. 

31st December 2021 - UK Coaching News (all Sports)

Please see the December News from UK Coaching which contains information on all the winners of the UK Coaching Awards recognised and celebrated at a ceremony on the 7th December. There is also news of funded support for retraining in economic deprived areas, a new Platform (Facebook) for Connected Coaches (online Coaching Community), and new resources available. On the latter there are 10 Coaching Resources available which can be accessed to improve one's toolkit.

15th December 2021 - Umpires for Events - February to June 2022

If you are interested in Umpiring and are qualified such as County Umpire, then applications are invited for British League Events, and for National Events both from February to June. Replies are required by 18th December.

17th August 2021 - Umpires for Events

If you are interested in Umpiring and are qualified then please see the invitation for British League and Other Events around the Country up to the end of the Calendar year. The closing date was the 14th August but I am sure you can look to be a reserve.  Replies for Open events to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Jo Outhwaite on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for British League events. Umpires, if Umpires are not a League Player or a Member of TTE then they can register as a TTE Supporter, which is free, and which enables Insurance cover.

27th July 2021 - UK Coaching (all Sports)

Included in the July - 1 Edition are the results of the "Great Coaching Comeback" Survey, and the publication of three new Coaching Resources along with a free webinar on Resilience. There is also information about "Coach-a-long" to connect, chat and discuss coaching, and much more. In the July - 2 Edition there is "golden" knowledge from Olympic and Para-Olympic Coaches available on social channels, as well as articles on how Olympic Gold Medal are made.

4th July 2021 - County Coaching - Cadet Performance Squad

The latest County Coaching Session took place on Saturday 26th June following which the Cadet Performance Squad has been announced. Please see a Report of the session and also the names of those in the Squad. The photo below just shows the Boys in the Squad (except for Monty Mason). Well done to them all.


IMG 0092 

30th June 2021 - UK Coaching (all Sports)

UK Coaching are providing a funded and therefore Training Course "Learn to Save a Life" - see information on how to enrol for this free online course.

11th June 2021 - UK Coaching Week - Additional News

Besides the information associated with news item of 8th June below, please find further items:

TTE Coaching Update 9th June - News on support available to help get back to Coaching with the Coach Mentor Programme, and the TT Coach Learning and Support Page on the TT Website, 

TTE Coaching Update 10th June - Free online Disability Awareness Training until the end of June, and a number of new L1 Coaching Courses (one in the County at Brighton TTC from 27th June to 25th July but it is full);

UK Coaching News 9th June - Challenge Your Skills and Change Someone's Future - Commitment to Principles of Duty of Care, Sharing of Coaching Stories, online live events, voting for your Coaching Hero, and all the Comeback to Coaching Resources;

Bryant and Gertsen Training Camp - Save the date - 29th to 31st October in Plymouth;

8th June 2021 - UK Coaching Week

It is Coaching Week - from 7th June to 13th June - and TTE Coaching Update 7th June indicates as such with information about obtaining a Duty of Care Digital Badge and advertising people to send in their Coaching Videos and an opportunity for people to vote for their Coaching Hero. Further, TTE also announce on the 8th June Coaching Licence Extension for 6 months free of charge!

UK Coaching also announce similar Coaching Week Information but also including some free online sessions this week and there is also the regular UK Coaching June News which includes results of a Comeback Survey, and the usual Resources that are available online for Coaches.

9th May 2021 - Bryant and Gertsen Training Days

They are back with Training Days planned in June, July and August, bookings for 2022 and the availability of online workshops and support. Please see Newsletter.

9th May 2021 - UK Coaching News

Please see the latest UK Coaching News for May which contains news of the UK Coaching Week from 7th to 13th June, a toolkit for Sport Psychology, upcoming free webinars and much more.

23rd April  2021 - UK Coaching News

Please see the latest UK Coaching Newsletter - 070421 - which contains information around resources, offers and learning opportunities for Coaches and your chance to nominate your UK Coaching Hero. There is also an opportunity to complete a Comeback Survey.

18th April, 2021 - Calling all Umpires

Please see the request for Umpires for forthcoming TTE events in the letter for June and July this year. If interested please contact Chris Newton as indicated in the letter. These are for the Cadet and Junior Nationals and Under 10 and 13 Cadets, and Junior National Cup. Replies are needed by 22nd April.

8th February 2021 - UK Coaching News

Please see the latest UK Coaching News (not TT specific) containing:

  • New Hub of Resources on Coaching through Covid-19;
  • Upgraded Mental Health Training Course;
  • Linkage to the recently announced new 10-year Sport England Strategy;
  • New Inclusive Activity Programme eLearning Module;
  • Upcoming Learning Webinars;
  • Offers for Coaches;
  • New Series Promoting Clean Sport;
  • What new Resources are available;
  • Covid-19 Impact Survey;
  • Continuous Coach Learning Activities;

3rd February 2021 - Umpire and Referee Update

Please see Slides from a recent TTE Technical Officials Webinar held on the 26th January and the Webinar itself can be found on the following link:  

It details recent rule changes, the TTE set-up, Umpire Performance and is of interest particularly to those who would like to become an Umpire or a Referee. For Umpiring there is information on the Career Development available and on the following link the latest ITTF Rules:

Additionally, if you wish to volunteer for a non-Technical Officer role at the forthcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, then please see the following link:

13th December 2020 - Gertsen Coaching Newsletter

Please see the latest Newsletter from Gertsen Coaching on Bookings for Focussed Training Days next year as well as Online Workshops and Support on a range of topics.

10th December 2020 - Coaching Information

Please see UK Coaching News for December - 041220 - which includes information Winners of UK Coaching Awards, new Safeguarding and Protecting Children online Class, Coaching Research Conference in 2021, upcoming free Webinar, Offers for Coaches, Article on Duty of Care in Sport, Resources and much more.

TTE Coaching Update - 241120 - details the partnership TTE has made with TT fit where Licensed Coaches have the chance to access an App as part of the Licence Fee and tap into much information such as Training Plans and also benefits. There is also a survey out from TTE - 091220 - requesting Coaching Experiences and how the qualification can be improved. The closing date for the survey is the 22nd December.

5th November 2020 - UK Coaching News

Please see the latest UK Coaching News (not TT specific) containing:

  • Put Your Hands Together for the UK Coachng Awards 2020;
  • New Plan for UK Coaching Heroes;
  • It's Always Time2Learn: Upcoming Webinars;
  • New Subscribers Benefit from Black Solicitors;
  • Offers for Coaches;
  • Coaches Instrumental in Boosting Stacey Copeland's Self-Belief;
  • Our Resources: What's New?
  • Continuous Coach Learning Opportunities;

31st October 2020 - UK Coaching 

The latest UK Coaching News can be found here and as usual contains much information on resources that can be utilised along with free Webinars on Duty to Care in relation to Diversity and Inclusion. 

16th October 2020 - Gertsen Coaching

Please see information about the latest various Coaching Courses and Sessions that can be provided by Gertsen.

16th October 2020 - UK Coaching News

The latest UK Coaching News can be found here and as usual contains much information on resources that can be utilised. 

19th August- UK Coaching News

Recent UK Coaching News for the 5th August invites nominations for awards for coaching for 2020, includes new "Duty of Care" Toolkit and online classrooms and webinars on all sorts of coaching resources ad learning activities. The issue for 19th August has a focus on adapting to the Coivd era and specifically there are coaching courses on promoting behaviour change, coaching children and safeguarding. 

6th June  - Stephen Gertsen - On Line TT Specific Workshops

Stephen Gertsen is advertising on-line specific TT workshops, and there are 12 to choose from. Please see information and contact details here. There is no information on price.

23rd May  - UK Coaching - Mental Awareness

UK Coaching latest newsletter containing information about a free online course and resources around Mental Awareness. 

16th April  - UK Coaching - Safeguarding and Protection Children - Online Discussions

UK Coaching have launched "Safeguarding and Protecting Children" online classrooms. There are a number of sessions and they can be found here.

5th April  - UK Coaching - Resources for Development - Now Free until 3th May

If you are a Coach and currently inactive with Covid-19, then perhaps it is the chance to develop - see the latest Newsletter for UK Coaching Resources that can be obtained along with Courses that are available. Normally you would need to subscribe but due to Covid-19 they are making the resources free until the 3rd may - see recent information.

30th January 2020  - Umpire Expenses & Training 

As mentioned in a news item in December 2019, the County is considering organising and hosting a L1 Umpire Training Course, and so if Leagues/Clubs/Individuals are interested can they please let me know on the following email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As a trained Umpire you can involve yourself as part of Team for events across the Country and Chris Newton (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) regularly indicates events for which they require Umpires. Expenses can claimed for attending such events and for information please the TTE Umpire Expenses Policy and Claim Form.

19th December - L1 & L2 Umpire Training & Courses

The County is considering organising and hosting a L1 Umpire Course but it is not clear what the interest is - so if you are interested then please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you already have your L1 qualification then alongside the Senior National Championships in Nottingham on Saturday 29th February between 1 pm and 3 pm, TTE are holding a training course for those wanting to prepare for the L2 national exam for which one is scheduled along with the practical for Saturday 25th April in Nottingham. Please express any interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are also mentoring sessions for newly qualified L1 Umpires being held over the weekend 25th/26th January in Wolverhampton alongside the Women's British League for which they are also seeking Umpires, and if you are interested then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

19th December - Coaching for L1 Coaches & L1 Coaching Courses

The Couny recently provided a session on the 15th December at the Triangle Burgess Hill for L1 Coaches in respect of how they should structure and carry out coaching sessions for their Clubs/Leagues, and in particular how to approach different style of play. It was organised by Maureen Hazell and led by Marc Burman and there has been good feedback. A L1 Coaching Course was held earlier this season hosted by Hastings League and many of the attendees were from that Course (another L1 Coaching Course is being hosted by Brighton City in the New Year - see news item 5th December).

9th December, 2019 - JBL - County Coaching Support

The County is providing support, arranged by Maureen Hazell the County Coaching Secretary, to the County top Juniors in two JBL Teams and they played their first matches at the Derby Arena on the 2nd/3rd November. Playing for the first team in Division 1 of Group 1 were Jacob Evans (ranked 36), Fraser Kent (ranked 46) and Owen Brown (ranked 50) and their division was tough and despite plenty of good individual performances they manged one draw and lost their other matches and are currently last with two Irish Teams topping the table. Jacob won 50%, Owen 40% and Fraser 10% with many matches lost 4-2 and there is much scope to pick up points in the next round. Further details can be found on the following link:

The second team, consisting of John Strang (ranked 64), Jamar McGlashan (ranked 66) and Will Michell (ranked 113) playing in Division 4 Group 1 had excellent results ending up top of their Division. John had 60% and both Jamar and Will managed 70%, and the team looks on track for silverware if they keep up performance in the next round. Again further details can be found on the following link  

Coaching both teams for the County over the weekend were Jack Bennett and George Hazell and both are top Sussex Players within the top 50 ranked players in England. The second weekend is scheduled for the 7th and 8th March.

5th December, 2019 - L1 Coaching Course Brighton City February/March 2020

This is being held at Brighton City TT Club on the 9th February and the 15th March with Teresa Bennett as the Tutor. The cost is £190 per person. It is also listed on the TTE Website through which sign-up is made - so if you are interested or know of anyone that is then please visit the TTE website on the following link:

27th November, 2019 - Sussex County Cadet Coaching - Performance Squad

On the 17th November a successful Sussex County Coaching Training Day was held at the Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill organised by Maureen Hazell and with Marc Burman the L2 Coach assisted by L1 Coaches - see Flyer. There were 11 players in the morning session and 11 players in the afternoon session. Peter Baldwin the Cadet and Junior Match Secretary was also present and the outcome from the day was the County Cadet Performance Squad and a Development Squad. The following players are in the Performance Squad - Lewis Austin, James Brandon, Daniel Caroe, George Hunt, Jude Lane, Monty Mason, Rahil Reham-Furs, Louis Treffel, Louis Vaughan-Drake, Oscar Wiseman, Georgina Hunter, Emily Koester, Isobel Langridge, Chloe Robinson. Selection for County Championship County Matches will be made from this list.

25th November, 2019 - Online Safeguarding Courses

Information about online Safeguarding Courses from UK Coaching, can be found here. The cost is £16.99


29th September - TTE - Forthcoming Umpire Courses

If you are interested in becoming an Umpire then please see those that have been arranged by TTE here. As can be seen most involve a good deal of travel and consideration is being given to Sussex County hosting one within the County.