County Agenda's & Minutes

County Agenda's & Minutes

The documents below are the Meeting Agenda's and Minutes held for the current season of 2019/2020

Information from previous years/seasons will be added in due course. 

19th June 2022 - Sussex County TT Association AGM - 11th July

The AGM for Sussex County is being held on Monday11th July in the Yarrow Room, Lewes Town Hall at 7 pm. Please see Agenda and Minutes of AGM on the 5th July 2021. Everyone is welcome and to have you say on how you think the County should play a part in the development of TT within the County and continue its recovery from the covid pandemic.

3rd April 2022 - Sussex County TT Association Meeting 11th April - Agenda

The next Sussex County Meeting is by Zoom on Monday 11th April at 7.30pm. Reports will be received on County Coaching, Sessions and County Championship Matches across all the age categories and there will also be feedback from recent National Council Meetings. Please see Agenda and if there are any issues that need to be raised then please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

30th June 2021 - Sussex County TT Association AGM - 5th July

Further to the news item on the 23rd June the County AGM will now be a zoom only meeting given the covid restrictions still in place and the size of the room booked. This follows discussion with the Lewes Town Hall which was the original venue. Two reprentatives from each League are invited to attend plus anyone who would like to present anything or is interested in any position on the Management Committee.

30th June 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 9th June - Summary

The initial business was the election of the National Councillor and Deputy National Councillor representing Sussex County in 4 National Council Meetings for next season, and Jim Skinner and Tony Catt were elected respectively. The County Affiliation Fee to be put to the AGM was agreed to remain the same as for Season 2019 to 2020 at £10 Adults and £5 Juniors (there was an Affiliation Fee "Holiday" for Season 2020 to 2021). Names were put forward by Leagues to be recognised for their services to TT within the County, either Life member of Vice President, and after discussion were agreed to be put forward for endorsement at the AGM. There were updates on the Coaching Sessions being enabled by Maureen Hazell with County Coach Marc Burman and also the Tournaments organised by Brett Holt. Tony Catt indicated that he would provide some comments and background to the proposed Resolutions being discussed at the TTE AGM (and a zoom meeting on this subject is taking place on the 1st July). The AGM was confirmed for the 5th July (originally planned to be part physical and part zoom, but now just zoom)

23rd June 2021 - Sussex County TT Association AGM - 5th July

Please find the Agenda for the County Association AGM on the 5th July. It is a planned to be a physical meeting for those that can attend although arrangements are also being made for up to 2 people from each League to zoom in as well. From a County perspective, and like most Leagues and Clubs, activity has been very much reduced and, in many cases, non-existent due to the pandemic. As a result the reports for the past season are not going to be major, but the opportunity has been taken to revisit our value add and to make plans based on the outcome of such discussions and there will be presentation of the County Plan proposed for next season which will be circulated before the meeting. Please support your County! In particular if anyone is interested in participating then please indicate your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Reports received before the AGM will be posted on this website.

11th June 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 10th May - Summary

The focus was around the Teams to be entered for the County Championships and the entries were agreed with an additional Over 60's Team to be managed by Stuart Vincent. There was further debate subsequent to the Meeting as whether 2 Cadet Teams could be supported given the lack of young girls, and as a result only one Cadet Team was entered. Otherwise, there were no changes from previous years with 3 Senior and 3 Junior Teams. There were updates on the County Coaching being managed by Maureen Hazell with planning for the May and June Sessions at the Triangle, Burgess Hill, as well on the planning for the Sussex Event on the 24th July and Junior Events in September and October. Notes of the National Council had been circulated and there will be a dedicated meeting to discuss the Propositions put forward for the TTE AGM. For the proposed U11/U13 Competition, launch has been delayed by the pandemic but discussions were to take place with Active Sussex as an additional vehicle for communication. An update from Leagues of events locally that were taking place or planned took place. A separate meeting was held to discuss the 3 candidates for the Elected Director Position but final decisions were with Local Leagues Company Members.

9th May 2021 - TTE Response to Kent Documentation

Further to the news item of 19th April below, please find the TTE Response to the questions raised by the Kent Documentation sent to TTE. In the context of this subject there was discussion at the recent National Council meeting and Alan Ransome announced that he had been in discussion with the MAG from which he proposed a return to policies which were successful prior to 2012.

29th April 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 14th April - Summary

A County Zoom Meeting was held on the 14th April and topics included restarting of Coaching Sessions for Cadet and Juniors with the focus for the first session on Sunday 25th April being an outdoor fitness and exercises. Planning for a Summer Closed Event and Junior/Cadet Events in the Autumn has been complete, and a Sussex Trials Event is to be held in early September and information on all of this will be made available in due course. A letter drafted to support recent Kent Documentation was discussed and the final letter sent can be seen in the news item for the 19th April below. The Elected Director nominations and an updated County Expenses Policy was discussed and for the latter it was recognised that more work was required. An update on feedback received for the launch of the U13/U11 competition was noted.

19th April 2021 - County Response to Kent Documentation

As indicated in the summary of the County Meeting on the 29th March (news item on 14th April), there was discussion on Kent Documentation that had been produced and made public on the 15th March - Kent Position Statement and Associated Commentary - and which  was sent to TTE. The County discussed the documentation and have sent to TTE the following letter, which was agreed by Leagues, 

14th April 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 29th March - Summary

A County Zoom Meeting was held on the 29th March and the main topics was continuation of the planning for resumption of the County Coaching Sessions and a "Return to TT" Closed (to Sussex Players) event along with a planned Junior Series events in the autumn. Private Closed events (again just to Sussex Players have organised by Rory Scott (see news items below) and also approved by the County subject to players being TTE affiliated. There was also discussion on the County Affiliations for next season and also around some questions and documentation that Kent County had produced and sent to TTE. There was support for the essence of the content of documentation and it was agreed that comments captured by Sussex County should also be included in a letter to be sent to TTE. Planning is also taking place for the launch of an U11/U13 County-wide competition in the context of an outline plan to progress it.

29th March 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 15th March - Summary

A County Zoom Meeting was held on the 15th March and the main topics were around planning for resumption of County Coaching Sessions and Tournaments in line with the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions and TTE Guidance. Proposal for a Banded Closed (entry to Sussex Players only) Tournament in July was agreed and planning was continuing along with for further events in the new season which starts in August, and more information on all of this will follow soon. A proposed County Plan for the new season was drafted and the date set for a combined physical and virtual AGM for Monday 5th July. It was agreed that the County donated £50 to the Charity indicated by the family of Peter Williams.  Peter passed away recently (see News Item below) and he had represented Sussex County both as a Player and Administrator and was a Vice President. 

5th March 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 23rd February - Summary

A County Zoom Meeting was held on the 23rd February to discuss, in the main, the recent Government Roadmap and associated TTE guidance regarding the relaxation of restrictions for Coronavirus. County Coaching is looking to resume from May although there may be a get-together and fitness session in April for Cadets and Juniors. League Play of course is not possible until after 21st June and it was up to individual Leagues to decide on running any Summer Leagues. The County was considering hosting a competitive Banded Event in July. It was noted that the ITTF were implementing a U19 Junior Age Group and it is likely that TTE will implement this next season. The meeting also discussed update on the TTE/Tony Catt affair and the progress of a Business Case by the Crawley and Horsham League for use of the Drill Hall in Horsham.

27th January 2021 - County Zoom Meetings Summary

During January there have been 3 County Management Meetings so far on the 8th, 15th and 22nd January, and a summary of the topics discussed follow:

8th January - County Communications - Website changes, use of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter discussed. Outcome was to set-up Whatsapp for Management Committee with Twitter further review at a later date;

15th January - TTE EGM - Discussion with League Company Members and Representatives to discuss voting options;

22nd January - Central/Area Venues - In the context of County Requirements for such, an opportunity of a venue in Horsham (Drill Hall) was discussed for which an associated Briefing Paper was produced which listed the key points, a check against Requirements and Summary. With more than just TT activities involved with on-site business and many other user organisations, combined with the risks involved with management of modification and upgrade required by the Council, it was agreed that it was more of a local community project and that should not be pursued from a Sussex County perspective. The Crawley and Horsham League are looking to see if they can take it on utilizing for themselves and the many other local users - TT or not. 

10th December 2020 - County Zoom Meeting 7th December - County Affiliation Fee

Given the Covid-19 situation the proposal for the County Affiliation for the current season was withdrawn at the AGM on the 14th September with subsequent review in November. With Covid-19 still significant with renewed lockdowns and restrictions affecting League Play and the ability to hold County Activities. The outlook is also poor for the first 3 months of 2021, and a joint proposal from the County Chairman and Treasurer that there should be a "Holiday" for the County Affiliation Fee for the Season 2020 to 2021 was supported unanimously. 

2nd October 2020 - County Zoom AGM Meeting 14th September - Reports

The Sussex County AGM was held by Zoom on the 14th September - usually this is a physical meeting in July each year. Please see the reports produced for the AGM and despite the abrupt end to the season there were many successes for Sussex:

The Management Committee for the coming Season can be found here.

Notes of the Meeting have been drafted and has been circulated to the Management Committee for review and will be published once agreed.

8th September 2020 - County Zoom AGM Meeting 14th September - Reminder

Further to the Sussex County AGM Notice and Agenda on the 26th August News Item,a reminder that it is taking place on Monday 14th September at 7.30 pm. If you wish to attend, upto a maximum of two from each Club, then please let your League County Representative or County Secretary Kevin Long know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Volunteers to join us are welcome and a list of the Officer Positions can be found on the County Contacts Page. Reports available will be distributed with the Zoom Meeting Links over the weekend. Notes of the County Meeting on the 14th August can be found here.

26th August 2020 - County Zoom AGM Meeting 14th September - Notice

Please note that the Sussex County AGM is to take place on Monday 14th September at 7.30 pm. This has been delayed from July in the hope that a physical meeting could take place, but a decision was taken at a Management Meeting on the 18th August that the AGM should be conducted by Zoom. To ensure that it is manageable Leagues/Clubs representatives are invited to zoom up to a maximum of 2 per League/Club over and above the Management Committee and League County Representatives. Please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to attend. Please see Agenda.

19th August 2020 - County Zoom Meeting 23rd July - Notes

The Sussex County Management Meeting took place by Zoom on the 23rd July and the notes can be found here. Topics included Feedback from the TTE AGM and County Championship Conference (both held by Zoom), Dates for next season for Coaching, and then discussion on Return to Play and the major issues for many clubs - access to venues and TTE Guidance. On the latter there was subsequent discussion with Greg Yanell from TTE documented within the notes. Note that the date for the Sussex County TT Association (SCTTA) AGM is Monday 14th September.

14th July 2020 - County Zoom Meetings 29th June and 6th July (with MAG) - Notes

The Sussex County Management Committee held another Zoom Meeting on Monday 29th June. There was further discussion on the proposed new Cadet Competition and an updated summary can be seen here. There was also feedback from the National Council Meeting on the 27th June (see News Item 3rd July), an outline of the County Finances and discussion on the County Affiliation Fee and whether a discount should be given for the forthcoming season in the light of the Covid-19 environment. There was also discussion on some proposed amendments for County Championship Matches and voting on the various proposals for the forthcoming County Championship (virtual) conference. Please see Notes of Zoom Meeting. On the 6th July there was a zoom meeting with the Chair of the Members Advisory Board (MAG) and the issues raised by Leagues throughout Sussex can be seen here.

28th June 2020 - County Zoom Meeting 22nd June - Notes

The Sussex County Management Committee held another Zoom Meeting on Monday 22nd June. There was just one subject and it was a presentation by the Secretary on a proposed new County-wide U11/U13 Cadet Competition. There was agreement in principle and a summary slide was being produced for final decision on some key points. It start has been delayed until January 2021 due to Covid-19. Please see Notes.

18th June 2020 - County Zoom Meeting 15th June - Notes

The Sussex County Management Committee held another Zoom Meeting on Monday 15th June. The subjects included County Championship Team Entries for next season which were the same as last year except for an additional Over 60's Team i.e £ x Senior, 3, Veteran, 2 x Over 60's, 3 x Juniors, 2 x Cadets. It was also agreed to move the AGM from July to mid-September and for it to be a physical rather than virtual meeting if possible. The meeting ended with a dicsussion by Leagues on the TT365 v TT League Manager Systems in respect of League decisions, and clarity was being sought on the ranking development for TT League Manager and the Data Protection around TT365 player entries. Please see Notes of Meeting.

15th June - County Zoom Meeting 8th June - Notes

The Sussex County Management Committee hled its first Zoom Meeting on Monday 8th June, and although there was some minor "bedding" in of the process the meeting went well and the feedback was good, and regular weekly Zoom Meetings have been arranged - see News Item 6th June below. The intention being to have a few Agenda items and keeping the sessions short to around 30 minutes if possible. Please see the notes of the Zoom Meeting held on the 8th June. Jim Skinner was elected Sussex County National Councillor for next season along with Kevin Long as Deputy National Councillor

6th June - Sussex County TT Association - Zoom Meetings

With social distancing still in place weekly 30 minute Zoom Meetings have been arranged for the Sussex County TT Association Management Committee. The first is next Monday at 8 pm and the following topics have been scheduled for the coming weeks:

8th June - National Council Election, TTE Deputy Chair Election, Leagues on Season 2019 to 2020 ending 

15th June - County Championship Teams next Season, AGM date review, Leagues on TT League Manager and TT365

22nd June - Presentation by Kevin Long on proposed County U11/U13 Competition

29th June - Feedback National Council Meeting, County Dates Season 2020 to 2021

9th December - Sussex County Meeting 25th November - Key Points

Please see below the key points from the recent Sussex County Meeting that took place Monday 25th November:

  • Reports on Coaching Sessions held for top County Juniors & Cadets;
  • Report on first round of Over 60’s County Championship Matches;
  • Report on Coaching support for County Players in JBL Teams;
  • Reports on Senior County Championship Matches held so far;
  • Proposed County-wide U11/U13 Competition for Season 2020/2021 discussed further;
  • Proposed Horsham Spinners Junior/Cadet Events discussed and not approved due to concerns around lack of specification as to whether Open or Closed, the intended participation of Associate Members, and other concerns;
  • County Website structure revamped making it easier to find information (hopefully);
  • Various Club Development initiatives discussed and to be made available on website;
  • Leagues to feedback on thoughts for Membership Strategy prior to next National Council Meeting;
  • Transfer of website to hosting package owned by SCTTA completed;
  • Bradley (Junior Boys) & Keith Jackson (Cadet Boys) Invitation Cups recovered;
  • Sussex Closed to be split with Junior/Cadets on 19th April (Burgess Hill) and Senior/Veterans on 26th (at K2);
  • Updates received on TTE League Manager, Training Courses (Safeguarding, Umpire, L2);
  • Rankings received from Match Secretary’s but not all available;

4th October - Sussex County Meeting 30th September - Key Points

The latest Sussex County Meeting took place last Monday 30th September and the following are the key points from the meeting:

  • Report was received on the recent well attended Sussex Trials on 8th September and a Cadet Ranking List for the Season has been produced;
  • Report on the Sussex Invitation Event held on the 15th September at Burgess Hill Triangle where there was a strong Senior and Junior entry; 
  • Mens Senior and Junior/Cadet Boys Cups missing and concerted effort being made to track down where they are;
  • Draft Proposal for the introduction of a County-wide Novice U11/U13 Competition starting Season 2020/2021 discussed;
  • Reports on recent National Council (NC) Meeting and discussions on TTE Centenary Celebrations, Mission 2025 (subject of next NC) and TTE Coaching Strategy and Organisation of Coaching Courses highlighted as issues;
  • Coaching Sessions for Juniors (6th October) and Cadets (17th November) at Triangle Burgess Hill confirmed;
  • L1 Coaches Session on December 15th being arranged and Leagues will be invited to send two;
  • County to provide L1 Coaches that participate in approved County Events some reimbursement and 50% support for County L2 Coaching Courses; 
  • Preparations for forthcoming County Championship Matches and Rankings discussed;
  • League Reports received and TT League Manager discussed;

29th September - Sussex County Meeting 30th September

The next Sussex County Meeting is being held tomorrow in the Yarrow Room at Lewes Town Hall. Please see the Agenda and also for discussion is a couple of Papers from TTE - Centenary (how to celebrate 100 years in Season 2021/2022) & IT Systems (how can TTE Memberships and League Manager be developed further). Also being discussed is a proposal to run a County U11/U13 Event through the season.

Meetings Season 2019/2020

Dates of future Meetings:

  • 3rd February
  • 20th April
  • 8th June
  • 6th July (AGM)