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Welcome to the Sussex County Table Tennis Association Website (SCTTA) 

This website started in April 2013. It contains information and TT news that impacts the County of Sussex and also seeks to promotes TT within the County. The County Objectives are all detailed in the SCTTA Annual County Plan which can be found below along with information about SCTTA. There are also many County Reference Documents now on this website. Please send TT news items of interest within Sussex County to the email address below. The Website has recently been upgraded  to latest software versions and more recently to enable Video's. 



25th February - Active Sussex News - February

Please find the February News - 230221 - which contains an interview with Danny Bent, the keynote speaker and founder of One Run Global, at the Virtual Network Event (taking place today), There is also an update on the Specsavers Virtual Winter School Games, and some reflections on the latest Sport England strategy and their funding opportunities.

25th February - TTE Coaching Update

The latest Coaching Update - 230221 - containing information and access to recent Webinar's on "Women and Girls" and TTFit (and as per News Item below on the 20th February there is also one today on "Purposeful Practice"). Information also on the launch of online Training for Disability Awareness and reference to update on the Coronvirus Guidance following recent Government Update. Finally, there are opportunities indicated to book a session with a Mentor.

22nd February 2021- TTE Club Volunteer Webinar 18th February

Please see a link to this Webinar which also including the slides used - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izSw_IliZ4c

Included within the Webinar is information on:

  • Key Findings on the return of Volunteers to Sport/TT;
  • The characteristics of "At Risk" Volunteers - clear that Communications clear;
  • What constitutes effective Communications - Frequent/Accurate, Available, Open and Honest, Informative, Personalised with email favourite;
  • Recommendations on how to re-engage Volunteers;
  • How to recruit Volunteers - Why need? What motivates them? What Barriers? Look within the Sport, Produce Role outlines;
  • Retaining and Recognition of Volunteers;
  • TTE Young Ambassadors Programme - started 2019 for ages 14-25, and the type of rewards given (and interest welcomed by 1st March);
  • Club Matters - information on one-stop shop for Clubs, Groups and Organisations, and dedicated section on Volunteers;
  • Sports England Club Matters - Free Resources available including Volunteer/Induction Checklist and Roles/Responsibilities;

There is also information about the forthcoming TTE Workshops throughout March - some 9 in total.

22nd February 2021- TTE News

The latest news from TTE - 190221 - contains the following items:

  • Information about the Steering Group that is to carry out a review of all the Competitions;
  • An article on the Paralympian Kim Daybell in a new role as a mentor with the True Athletic Project (TAP) which matches aspiring young athletes with international athletes for a year-long learning experience to a curriculum around 5 themes;
  • A Video showing the Q&A with Lui Jian during a one-hour online training session with the England Juniors at a well-known Austrian Club;
  • TT success at Newcastle University;
  • TT Kidz Live session and in particular a 5-year-old Thomas Ellis;
  • Article on the Home Nations e-camp over 3 days with TT and Fitness sessions for the Aspire Squad;

20th February 2021- TTE Coaching Webinar

The latest TTE Coaching Webinar is taking place at 11 am on Thursday 25th February for all Licensed Coaches, and the topic is "Purposeful Practice". Details can be found here and registrations close 5pm on the 24th.

20th February 2021- TTE AGM Date & Annual Returns

TTE AGM - This have been confirmed in a Mailing to Company Members for Saturday July 17th with venue and timing to be confirmed. There is a link to the official notice.

TTE Annual Returns - A Mailing to Company Members has indicated that Annual Returns are not required this year. Annual Returns list those personnel in what roles for Leagues along with the details of number of Clubs, Teams and players participating in League Play, which of course has been practically non-existent this season, and so no surprise. If there are changes to roles then the Members Database can be updated appropriately separately by those who have administrative access.

20th February 2021 - Deceased County Vice Presidents and Life Members

The County List of Life Members and Vice Presidents has been updated to include all those that have passed away since 2009, and can be found here. If anyone believes there are omissions from before that year, then please let me know.

18th February 2021- Grassroots Activity Survey

With regard to the News Item on the 15th February below, the Sport and Recreation Alliance is conducting a survey to understand the impact to present evidence to the Government for more support for the sector. All sports are being urged to encourage Clubs to complete the survey. The request has been sent to Clubs direct but it is crucial that there are as many replies as possible, and on behalf of the Sussex Table Tennis Association Clubs can I urge Club Representatives to complete the survey. The closing date is the 22nd February. Please take part in this survey here.

17th February - Open Tournament Events

There obviously are no events being held at the moment with the lockdown on activities although as restrictions are gradually lifted it is hoped that events either Open or Closed can be held during late Spring and the Summer. Apparently, there was some communication by TTE on the 4th August last year to Tournament Organisers for some relaxation and flexibility of the regulations such as reduced notice period for events, their venues and officiating requirements with delivery to a grade below that carried by an event e.g. a 2 star event permitted to deliver to Grade 1 regulations. There was also suspension of the TTE Ranking Levy although the TTE Tournament Levy (£2 per player) was still required. Unfortunately these modifications were only valid until the end of 2020, but they may come into effect again as government restrictions are relaxed. Let's hope so - we all need to get back to playing.

15th February 2021- Sport England News - School Venue Funding

The latest from Sports England - 110221 - indicating funding available for Schools to help them open up their facilities to the Public from a £10.1 million fund. Those School Venues used by TT Clubs therefore perhaps should make their School Venues aware of this source of funding and it may influence and facilitate Club access that much quicker.

15th February 2021- TT News

The latest TTE issued last week were as follow:

An update to the Clubs and Leagues - 100221 - containing the following items:

  • Funding - Sport England from £300 (small grants) to £10K (Community Asset) from an overall fund of £16.5 million (across all sports), available to June;
  • Club Webinar 4th February - Information including the Webinar itself along with the Slides presented, on the topic of applications for grants in particular how to go about it;
  • Return to Play Guidance - highlighting need to keep in touch with venues, their Covid-19 guidance, bookings and also consideration for alternative venues and keeping in touch with Volunteers and Members;
  • Disability Awareness Training - free online training module available through February and free to Premier Clubs and Licensed Coaches;
  • Virtual Club Conferences - A number free during March on a variety of topics and sign-up details available;
  • Club Volunteering Webinar - Taking place at 12 Noon on the 18th February;
  • Female Players - Request for information to what would help Female Players;
  • Grassroots Activity Survey - Request for responses;

 The weekly newsletter to members - 120221 - containing, in addition to above:

Playing at Home - An article with packs of information available for isolated families;

  • England Senior Men - Back in Training;
  • TT Kidz Launch - A request for Community Groups to run live sessions;
  • Survey - A brief one for 11-19 year olds;

9th February 2021- An Open Letter

Subsequent to the recent TTE EGM and the recent statement placed on the TTE Website on the 5th February as follows: Board statement— Table Tennis England there is in circulation an Open Letter which has been produced for the "Leadership and Membership" from Alan Champneys. It is a call for reconciliation and transparency and his statements make a lot of sense. 

8th February 2021 - UK Coaching News

Please see the latest UK Coaching News (not TT specific) containing:

  • New Hub of Resources on Coaching through Covid-19;
  • Upgraded Mental Health Training Course;
  • Linkage to the recently announced new 10-year Sport England Strategy;
  • New Inclusive Activity Programme eLearning Module;
  • Upcoming Learning Webinars;
  • Offers for Coaches;
  • New Series Promoting Clean Sport;
  • What new Resources are available;
  • Covid-19 Impact Survey;
  • Continuous Coach Learning Activities;

8th February 2021- TTE News 5th February

The latest TTE news issued last Friday can be found here - 050221 - and contains information on the following subjects:

  • Partnership with LinQ which provides free online fitness classes for the community;
  • Project with Talented Athletic Scholarship Scheme (TASS) to optimise the female player experience and the 1st Stage is a Survey;
  • Webinar for Women and Girls in TT scheduled for 11th February at 7 pm;
  • Free online Workshops for Clubs in partnership with Sport England Club Matters - there are 8 scheduled during March;
  • Bethany Ellis on the challenge of running 100 miles for Charity Myeloma UK;
  • Notice that the Butterfly Schools National Championships for 2022 will be held over one weekend for both Individual and Team Events on the 2nd/3rd April;
  • Partnership with Sheffield County Council for Ping within the City when restrictions are lifted;

8th February 2021- Approved Balls and the Laws

To get everyone in the mood for the return of play soon, please find the current list of approved Balls, Equipment and Laws for interest, and perhap more refresh!!



3rd February 2021 - Umpire and Referee Update

Please see Slides from a recent TTE Technical Officials Webinar held on the 26th January and the Webinar itself can be found on the following link:


It details recent rule changes, the TTE set-up, Umpire Performance and is of interest particularly to those who would like to become an Umpire or a Referee. For Umpiring there is information on the Career Development available and on the following link the latest ITTF Rules: https://ittf.cdnomega.com/eu/2019/08/HMO-16th-Edition.pdf

Additionally, if you wish to volunteer for a non-Technical Officer role at the forthcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, then please see the following link:


1st February 2021- TTE News 29th January

The latest issue of news from TTE can be found here - 290121 - and contains information on the Sports England launch and request for County Championship Volunteers (see separate news items below). Also included is information and entry form on the launch of a Virtual TT Kidz Schools Championships in the Spring, coaching virtually with the England Aspire Squad and Ryan Jenkins, and an opportunity to join Joe Coker for online fitness sessions - the TT equivalent of Joe Wicks! A report also on the World Ping Pong Championships where Andrew Baggaley was defeated in the final and information on how to apply for a Tournament Referee Course.

1st February 2021- TTE TTFit Coaching App Webinar

On the 27th January there was a TTE Webinar on the subject of the TTFit App, developed in Belfast primarily for Coaches although Players can also use it. It enables Mentoring and Development of Players through use of Exercises, both TT related and physical, Training Plans, Podcasts and Resources. Individual Profiles with Development Plans within personalised Journals on Targets, Competitions, Matches, Training and providing a whole range of Statistics. The Basic version is free and the full version requires subscription. The link for the Webinar follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDUoJvDg3v8

31st  January 2021- TTE Coaching and Education Webinar

This was held on the 21st January and you can listen to it on the following link: Table Tennis England: Coaching & Education | 21.JAN.2021 - YouTubeThe Webinar details the current Strategy and Aims, specific CPDs (L1 through to L4) to help and support, the TTE website dedicated pages full of resources, forthcoming webinars, the Mentoring Programme and other learning opportunities. The Q and A includes topics such as Tactic Training, Female Coaches, relationship of previous Qualifications to current Courses (previous L2 now equivalent to new L1). It was noted that the new L2 Course was being launched in September. Building confidence post the pandemic and keeping pace with changes in the game were also raised.

29th January 2021- TTE Coaching Update

Stephen Gertsen is now a Coach Mentor for TTE, and you can book sessions in 30-minute slots at a cost of £22.50. Suggested topics include: Player Development, Club Development, Skill Development / Acquisition, Developing Mental Strength, Developing Movement, Building Rapport with Players, expanding your own career, Coaching in a corner.

28th January 2021- TTE EGM and Voting Results

The EGM took place on Monday 25th January and there was much debate over nearly 3 hours. One of the points made a couple of times was that over recent years the Governance Model over recent years had changed to fit with Sport England requirements and as a result there were less TT specific people on the Board. All 3 Special Resolutions did not obtain the required 75% of votes, and so nothing changes. Please see the voting output as issued by TTE - EGM Voting Results.

27th January 2021- Sports England 10-Year Strategy Launch

Sports England yesterday launched their 10-Year Strategy "Uniting the Movement" and please find a link to view the launch event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkX5ntAWmdE 

It is long at nearly 2 hours but there are lots of speakers and some examples including Brighton TTC around 73 minutes.

27th January 2021- Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News - January

Please see the latest News from Actives Sussex and articles on - forthcoming on-line Forum (bookings close today), virtual Active Sussex Network Conference 25th February, "This Girl Can" Network, Specsavers "virtual" winter school games, plus others on mental wellbeing and inclusive dance sessions. 

27th January 2021- County Championship Management - Volunteers Required

TTE are looking for two volunteers to join the County Championship Team as Cadet and Veteran Premier Weekend Organisers. This was initially advertised early December and the closing date is the 31st January. Details and contact information can be found as follows - CC Volunteers.

27th January 2021 - County Zoom Meetings Summary

During January there have been 3 County Management Meetings so far on the 8th, 15th and 22nd January, and a summary of the topics discussed follow:

8th January - County Communications - Website changes, use of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter discussed. Outcome was to set-up Whatsapp for Management Committee with Twitter further review at a later date;

15th January - TTE EGM - Discussion with League Company Members and Representatives to discuss voting options;

22nd January - Central/Area Venues - In the context of County Requirements for such, an opportunity of a venue in Horsham (Drill Hall) was discussed for which an associated Briefing Paper was produced which listed the key points, a check against Requirements and Summary. With more than just TT activities involved with on-site business and many other user organisations, combined with the risks involved with management of modification and upgrade required by the Council, it was agreed that it was more of a local community project and that should not be pursued from a Sussex County perspective. The Crawley and Horsham League are looking to see if they can take it on utilizing for themselves and the many other local users - TT or not. 

24th January 2021- TTE EGM

Further to the News Items below, the EGM is taking place tomorrow and there has been a flurry of emails and statements (just two follow) from both Tony Catt and other Board Members. There was a report completed some weeks ago regarding the complaint against Tony Catt by the TTE, which has been published on the TTE Website and that can be seen here. There has also been much discussion within Sussex County by the League Management County Representatives and their Company Members, and League Management Committees have also debated.  There was general consensus on how to vote although some Leagues have subsequently modified and that could still occur in the next 24 hours! The Ballot Paper have been issued to Company Members (and the list of those within Sussex are listed in the news item of 3rd January below.

24th January 2021- National Council Meeting 16th January

The latest National Council Meeting was held by zoom mon the 16th January over 3 hours! Additional to the Agenda there was discussion on the forthcoming EGM, and there was a Presentation by the Performance Team for when slides available I will update. A link to all the papers can be found as follows:

National Council papers— Table Tennis England 

Please see also a summary of the TTE December Board Meeting by the CEO and my brief Notes on the Meeting.

24th January 2021- Sport England News

The latest information from Sport England - 120121 - indicating the launch of their new strategy on the 26th January, updated Coronavirus advice and free resources for older people in sport. More information and participation in the launch of the new strategy can be found on the following link: https://www.sportengland.org/why-were-here/our-next-strategy. There are guest speakers such as Tanni Grey-Robinson, Dame Sarah Storey, and the Minister for Sport Nigel Huddlestone. Additionally, Sport England have published their latest Children and Young People Survey report which can be found here.

23rd January 2021- World Ping Pong Masters

Taking place this weekend in Coventry with no spectators in attendance but it is being shown on Sky TV if you subscribe. Andrew Baggaley is the defending champion and further information including the format and players participating can be found in this Tees Sports Mailing.

23rd January 2021- TTE News

Newsletter 150121 - Contains information on the Pride of TT Nominations, England Juniors on their last online session as part of the Performance Pathway, Active Lives Survey output indicating that young people participating in Table Tennis is remaining steady, news on Sport England's investment in TT, and that Liam Pitchford has retained his top-15 ITTF ranking.

Clubs and Leagues Update - 200121 - Contains information about live TT Kidz's at home, forthcoming Webinars on 4th February on Sport England funding and 18th February around Volunteering, and information on all past Webinars which can still be viewed.

Newsletter 220121 - Output of the participation survey, information about the World Ping Pong Masters, 3 Clubs that had won a defibrillator and indicated that Rankings Consultation still open.

23rd January 2021- Coaching Updates

TTE Webinar - Scheduled for 27th January at 8 pm and is around the App TTFit with information on the details of its benefits explained by its founder Keith Knox. The Webinar is free and the App can be purchased at 25% discount for Licensed Coaches.

23rd January - UK Coaching News

January News - Lots of it on all sorts of articles and resources. In this edition advice and information regarding support during the Covid Lockdown, a guide for Parents in supporting kids to keep active, an example of great coaching during the current times, a "Duty of Care" Toolkit to keep active for the New Year, forthcoming Webinars, Tax Guidance for self-employed Coaches, offers for Coaches and information on Resources available. Expanding on the latter there are Online Classrooms on "Learn. Develop. Thrive"

23rd January - Active Sussex 

Please find the January News - 220121 - which contains information on how to book for the virtual Active Sussex Network Conference on the 25th February and further details of the sessions, which are all free, can be found here. Also in the January News information about the Specsavers Schools "Winter Games", online video sessions on exercises and physical activity that are delivered by local providers, and the latest on "This Girl Can Sussex Network".

14th January 2021 - Haywards Heath League - David Champneys

It is sad to report that David Champneys, a stalwart of the Haywards Heath League for many years, unexpectedly passed away. He died in his sleep of an unknown cause with no prior signs of illness. This is devastating news and heart-breaking for his family, as Dave was only in his 50's and was in good health, both mentally and physically. Our thoughts go out to his family. I personally will miss my games with him.


14th January 2021- TTE News - Coaching and Officials Updates

Coaching Update - News of a Webinar which will give an insight into "Coaching and Education" within TTE and is set for Thursday 21st January at 7.30 pm. 

Officials Update - News of a Webinar for Referees, Umpires and Tournament Organisers and is set for 26th January from 7 pm to 8.30 pm.

Links to how to register are included.

14th January 2021- TTE News - Various

The first Newsletter of the year from TTE - 080121, for those not on the distribution, contain much information such as the latest Covid Statement as at 2.50 pm on the 8th January, and there are no surprises to be found there! There are opportunities to volunteer as a Pride of TT Judge indicated, and information about the role the TTE Chairman takes within ITTF along with others from this side of the water. The GB players for the European Olympic Qualifying in February are announced - Liam Pitchford, Paul Drinkhall, Charlotte Carey and Tin-Tin-Ho are the representatives, and Coach John Mapletoff from Grantham was awarded an OBE in the New Years Honours List. Other news is that Sussex Junior Harry Yip has been included in the "Aspire" Squad, Kelly Sibley is the new National Women's Coachs for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and there is an interesting Rap Video with TT sounds! Requests are also invited for participation in Steering Group for reviewing Competitions and Rankings and it was indicated that TTE had signed up to a Sports Industry Resolution.

7th January 2021 - Some more Videos of interest

Brett Holt has highlighted a few more videos from last year of interest to the Sussex TT Community. You can search YouTube for many more.

British League Match  Division B4                   Rory Scott Competition Final

Amila Thilakarathna v Tim Holtam                   Rory Scott v Jacob Evans 

February 2020                                                    March 2020


6th January 2021 - United by Ping Pong

The title of an article that appeared in the Sunday Time Magazine on the 20th December in the Christmas appeal on behalf of sports clubs in the Sported Network Christmas. The author of the article is Matthew Syed and there is focus on Harry Fairchild, the Down's Syndrome player and coach, as well as about the diversity within the Brighton TTC in general. The full article and video can be found on the following link:


3rd January 2021 - Happy New Year

As Chairman of Sussex County TT Association, I wish everyone the best of health for the year 2021 and I have no doubt that we will all be back playing Table Tennis in the not too distance future. I am sure there will be opportunities to have Summer Leagues and Competitions for everyone.

3rd January 2021 - TTE EGM Notice

Further to the news items below regarding the TTE EGM on the 25th January, the Notice has been posted on to the TTE website and please see the associated EGM Motions and FAQ's for ease of reference. The Company Members within Sussex able to vote are as follows:

Hastings - Diane Webb; Eastbourne - Pauline Byworth; Worthing - Susan West, Brighton - Ian Fowlds, South West Sussex - Chris Newberry, Haywards Heath - Brian Taite, East Grinstead - Andrew Hayes, Crawley and Horsham - Maureen Hazell, Sussex County Councillor - Jim Skinner. The Motions are for a "Vote of Confidence" for TTE CEO, TTE Chairman and a Board Member (Tony Catt).  

Discussion took place among Company Members or their representatives in December and no doubt that will continue in Janaury. If you have a view then please speak to your League representative in respect of Sussex County or the Company Member.

28th December 2020 - Festive Message

I hope that everyone is enjoying the festive period despite the coronavirus restrictions and the changes to previous plans made - it certainly affected my plans! I also hope that everyone is managing to keep the virus at bay and managing to keep fit as well. Table Tennis will return in 2021 and the Sussex County TT Association has made some plans but events will only be held when it is safe to do so and perhaps next Spring and Summer can make up for the lack of TT currently. I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2021. (Chairman Sussex County TT Association).

28th December 2020 - TTE EGM - Date Set

Further to the news item below on the 13th December, please see communication sent to TTE Company Members regarding the date set for an EGM - which is on the 25th January at 7 pm. The formal Notice including the Motions will be on the TTE website on the 29th December. The EGM was called for by Tony Catt who many will know in Sussex County and who is a current Board Member and has been in discord with TTE. 

22nd December - Cadet and Junior Event 19th December - Report

Please find the Report, prepared by Rory Scott, of the Cadet and Junior Event held on the 19th December. 

22nd December 2020 - TTE Coaching Survey - Last Chance

Please see reminder from TTE on their Coaching Survey and request for feedback. The closing date is the end of today at midnight 22nd December!

21st December - Pass the time with Video watching!

Brett Holt made many Videos of matches (in agreement with the participants) before the lockdown and has also been involved with Rory Scott with his Horsham Spinners series of Video's. I include a selection of the ones with Sussex Players involved as well as a few other interesting ones. They are all on YouTube with many others which can be searched for. Brighton TTC also make many Video's and they have their website where they can be seen. Apologies if you have already seen these, but if not, I hope they keep you occupied over the festive period.

Sussex Invitation Event                                    Rory's Table Tennis Topics                               

George Hazell v Jack Bennett (Final)              David Steel and Jo Hanson                               

September 2019                                                October 2020                                                       



Rory's Table Tennis Topics                              Rory Scott Competition Final

Pedro Santos and Brandon Bennett               Chris Doran v Darius Knight  

October 2020                                                     30th June 2019



Scotland - Interview with U21 Sam Wilson

November 2020


21st December 2020 - TTE Development Webinar

Please see the Webinar which was held on the 12th November where Greg Yarnell, the TTE Development Office, presented the slides on how the TTE Development would look going forward. Besides myself, Rory Scott and Brett Holt were on the Webinar.

20th December 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see from TTE the latest weekly newsletter - 181220 - for those that do not receive it. In this issue there is news of Pitchford's European Dream ending in the semi-finals, link to the latest update on Coronavirus especially around the Tiers, Funding opportunities for Leagues and Clubs for projects associated with getting members back, a request for feedback on "Ranking" discussions, and in the context of further cancellation of Competitions there is to be a review of them. Finally, there is the latest on support for Licensed Coaches as well as a survey on the subject.

20th December - Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News - December 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News for December which includes link to recent Webinar on "Adapting to the Here, Now..and Tomorrow", and included with other articles is one on funding from Sport England for "Tackling Inequalities in physical.

17th December - TT Times 21 - Winter 2020

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found articles on the following topics:

  • Editorial;
  • ITTF Events Round Up - ITTF Women's and Men's World Cup;
  • A Table Tennis Life - Ken & Karenza Matthew's TT Journey continues, 1972;
  • Book Reviews;
  • This isn't the game my bird played...Michael Parkinson's expert view of Table Tennis;
  • Jacques Secretin - death of the French Legend;
  • Old Photographs;
  • World Table Tennis;
  • John Hilton....A Life in Sport by Brian Kean;
  • Table Tennis Scotland YouTube Interviews;
  • What was Happening 40 Years Ago 1980;
  • Harry Reeve and the Linacre Table Tennis Club, Liverpool;
  • What is Happening Today;
  • Future Events;
  • ITTF Updates;
  • Governance;

17th December - Active Sussex News - December 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex News for December which includes details of the virtual Network Event 2021 on February 25th, the latest "This Girl Can" Sussex Ambassador, Tackling Inequalities in Physical Sport, Meet the Winners of the Sussex Sports Awards via Video's, Employer partnership of Active Sussex wit CIMSPA (Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity), Sport England National Leisure Recovery Fund, launch of Sports Councils "Tell Your Story" Campaign, Challenges of Safeguarding during Lockdown and the Cornavirus pandemic plus more including a survey.

16th December 2020 - Company Members and EGM

Further to the news item below on the 13th December, TTE have indicated to Company Members that the 5% threshold has been reached - see Notice. An EGM is therefore to be held, probably by zoom, and prior to that it is the intention to set up a County-wide zoom meeting with Company Members to discuss. Company Members are the nominated League TTE representative and in most cases, it is the Chairman of the League but can be others as determined by the Leagues. Further information including details of the EGM will be available when known.

16th December 2020 - County Vice Presidents and Life Members

The County List has been updated. Peter Shead has passed away and David Richardson has been added following the AGM held on the 14th September, 2020. The current list can be found here.

15th December 2020 - Benefit Package for TTE Coaching Launched

TTE have launched their own Coaching Support Platform for TTE Licensed Coaches to include development resources and best practice guidance. There is a video to view and discounts for TT Kidz for Schools.

14th December - Cadet and Junior Event 12th December - Report

Please find the Report, prepared by Rory Scott, of the Cadet and Junior Event held on the 12th December. Note that contrary to the statement within the introduction to the report, TTE Rules do allow Open Events, and Sussex County supports them, but for an Open Tournament the appropriate documentation is required in respect of Entry Form and notification to TTE of the proposed Event. Also, subsequent to the Event, notification to TTE must be made of the results along with a TTE Levy of £1.50 per player. It has been questioned as to why a TTE Levy is still required for effectively a non-ranking Event, but in the absence of such notice to TTE the Event can only be Closed to Sussex Players. Additionally, it should be noted that the running of Open Events with players from other Counties in attendance does increase the risk given the current Coronavirus environment.

13th December 2020 - Gertsen Coaching Newsletter

Please see the latest Newsletter from Gertsen Coaching on Bookings for Focussed Training Days next year as well as Online Workshops and Support on a range of topics.

13th December 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see from TTE the latest weekly newsletter - 111220 - for those who do receive it. In this issue there is a preview of Liam Pitchford in the forthcoming Champions League and update on the Women's Event, notice of 3 new Ping Pong Parlours, British Para TT News as well advertisements on TT Gifts. Coronavirus continues to impact the sport with the cancellation of the first 2021 British League Fixtures and there is a request for Volunteers for the County Championships.

13th December - Cadet and Junior Events

Rory Scott has arranged, following the recent lockdown, some Cadet and Junior Events at Slimford Village Hall, near Horsham. They were this weekend and also next weekend. Coronavirus hygiene requirements are in place and bubbles of players are in line with TTE and Government Guidelines. Please see Entry Form.

13th December 2020 - Company Members and EGM

There is currently discord between a Board Member and TTE which has resulted in an EGM being requested and Company Members have been advised and request for support to be indicated. In this context it was clarified in a recent TTE Notice that the threshold is 5% of the Company Members. Company Members within Sussex County have discussed this including in many cases with their League Management Committee's and there is majority agreement within Sussex County to support the request.

10th December 2020 - County Zoom Meeting 7th December - County Affiliation Fee

Given the Covid-19 situation the proposal for the County Affiliation for the current season was withdrawn at the AGM on the 14th September with subsequent review in November. With Covid-19 still significant with renewed lockdowns and restrictions affecting League Play and the ability to hold County Activities. The outlook is also poor for the first 3 months of 2021, and a joint proposal from the County Chairman and Treasurer that there should be a "Holiday" for the County Affiliation Fee for the Season 2020 to 2021 was supported unanimously. 

10th December 2020 - Coaching Information

Please see UK Coaching News for December - 041220 - which includes information Winners of UK Coaching Awards, new Safeguarding and Protecting Children online Class, Coaching Research Conference in 2021, upcoming free Webinar, Offers for Coaches, Article on Duty of Care in Sport, Resources and much more.

TTE Coaching Update - 241120 - details the partnership TTE has made with TT fit where Licensed Coaches have the chance to access an App as part of the Licence Fee and tap into much information such as Training Plans and also benefits. There is also a survey out from TTE - 091220 - requesting Coaching Experiences and how the qualification can be improved. The closing date for the survey is the 22nd December.

9th December 2020 - Sussex County Profiles

Please see the latest County Profile of Denis Miles, former County Treasurer and Life Member - Denis Miles . Previous profiles can be found on the County Profiles Page.

9th December 2020  - Covid-19 Update - Tier Restrictions - Sussex County

The latest Covid-19 information is as at 4.30 pm on the 3rd December on the TTE Website (see latest TTE News below). It indicates the restrictions for the various Tiers and at the moment the County of Sussex is all Tier 2 which means that League play is not possible. The impact is that the Haywards Heath and East Grinstead Leagues which had started and stopped for the recent lockdown, are not able to restart. Let's hope that the New Year will bring much good news on the playing front!!

9th December 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see for information the latest news from TTE for those not on the distribution:

271120 - Contains information about the National being cancelled (see also 261120), the latest on the Covid restrictions (see also 241120), Pitchford, TT Kidz update and Nottingham University TT players talking about Mental Health;

041220 - Information about a LinQ App for finding players, reference to Covid update, Paul Drinkhall and Sam Walker in France, Coach Mentors and TT Kidz Phase 3;

091220 - Club and League Update - Chairman's Christmas Message, Covid update, Funding still available, Club Poll on experiences and PremierClub Activator Course;

9th December 2020 - Archived News

The News Items for recent months from end of July to November have been archived and the file can be found on the Archive Page.

9th December 2020 - Website Changes

The website has been offline for a week or so. It has been configured globally to enable Video's to be inserted into Articles. It is the intention to produce Video Profiles and a separate page has been produced along with a SCTTA Promotional Video produced by Brett Holt, the SCTTA representative for Haywards Heath, which can be found below. The Video Page will soon be available.

Sussex County Table Tennis Association

Information About

Please see the Sussex County Privacy Policy.

The SCTTA is affiliated to the Table Tennis England (TTE) and represents 9 leagues within Sussex with 969 (of which 72 were Junior) affiliated league playing members in the 2019/2020 Season. The SCTTA is a non profit making organisation and through affiliation fees paid by Players in the Sussex Leagues supports a number of County Teams at Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran level. Last Season 12 Teams were entered in the various categories with the Senior Team winning the Premier Division. The County also runs events each year such as Sussex Closed, Invitation Event (top 8 in various categories), and in the recent past have run regular Coaching Sessions and 2* Events.

The County Management Committee are all Volunteers and meet around 6 times a year along with an AGM. If you wish to assist and Volunteer then please contact me as below.

 Promotional Video

County Safeguarding Policies and Statements

In the context of the need recognised for a County Complaints Procedure to be available, the County "Safeguarding Policy & Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy" and the "Child Safeguarding Policy Statement" were reviewed at the County Meeting on the 25th March, 2019. In the main they were updated to reflect TTE and associated documents and to include reference to County using only Licensed Coaches along with ensuring DBS Checks have been carried out for all relevant County Officers as being aware of Social Media implications.   It should be noted that Leagues and Clubs should have something similar or at least reference to these. These Policies are in addition to the County Constitution and will be referred to by a proposed rules change.



County Plan

Sussex County Development

County Plan Season 2020/2021

No County Plan for Season 2020/2021 has been produced due to Covid-19.

Some plans are being made to restart some activities around Easter time and more information on this will appear in due course.